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To be able to serve you best we need some information. Please answer the questions below.

After answering these questions we ask you to send it to (because of new European privacy rules it is important to notice that sending this information is your own responsability).
After reading your questionnaire we will answer you as soon as possible if we can help you with our NATURAL clairvoyant approach.
After that we can organize a session in our practice in Peize / Holland.
Or do a distant healing session together, we can have contact by phone then.

We do our best to guarantee your privacy. All answers below are only meant to have clear information during our session together.
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1c Are there physical and /or psychological complaints?
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2a Did you receive treatments by a physician/specialist/therapist lately?
If yes by whom and whatfor?
2b Do you use medicines?
If yes which ones, for what and for how long?
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2c Did you undergo operations, did you stay in hospitals?
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2d Are you (woman) pregnant?:
3a Did you experience traumatic events? We mean experiences with a lot of impact, fierce emotions, major consequences, etc.
This could also be interventionist periods in your life.
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4 Do you have remarks that could be important?
5 How did you find us?

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Aafke Douma & Rob Heiligers