NATURAL / Aafke Douma & Rob Heiligers
Journey to Bosnian pyramids June, August & Sept. 2020

After evaluating our inspiring journeys in 2017, 2018 and 2019, we decided to do more 5-day journeys in Bosnia. In June, August and Sept. 202-0 we offer more opportunities to our intuitive approach, to experience the ‘valley of the piramids’ near Visoko/Bosnia (20 miles from Sarajevo Airport).
For more information about our experiences in Bosnia in 2016/17/18, read translated articles or readings under ‘nieuws’:

The program:
Day 1 through to day 4 (6 hours a day) we will be active in ‘psychic research’ at and around the piramids of Visoko, and in the tunnels near Ravne and the Tumulus at Vratnica. Possibly more spots in the area will be visited. Day 5, we offer a special workshop, ‘Natural Energy’. It is about integrating the experiences of the former days. The experiences will be effectively implemented; f.e. how to use and apply the so called ‘Bosnian Piramide energy’ for yourself and others. Based on pure BE-ing.

We work as a member of the ‘Bosnian Pyramid Foundation Advisory Board’ together with the organisation in Sarajevo. Where we have full support from the founder and discoverer dr. Sam Osmanagich for this journey. This way we are able to unfold a pure program. Read about him in our articles.

We guide you in the area of Visoko (together with local guides) and guide you in experiencing the different energies at the spot. Aafke Douma will use her psychic talents (clairvoyant seeing, feeling, hearing and intuitive knowing). She can tune in to contemporary information at present, which are needed at that time and place, for us individually and/or as a group. Herewith we offer conducted meditations.
At every spot, you will activate your own self healing and intuitive power to see, hear, feel and know.
In different ways, we can experience different energies at different spots.
The main goal is to integrate the ‘Bosnian Pyramid Energy’ and your own experiences on the spot, and implement this for yourself and others. Less from the doing, mainly from the BEING…

Joining this journey means you subscribe to a very special offer for yourself and the world around you.
This trip is not ment as a group trip/holiday, though it is a joint process, along with the individual processes.
We offer 6 hours guiding every day around Visoko. The fulfilment of the trip in total, considering travel/hotel/stay and meals, is depending on all kinds of individual choices, so these need to be sorted out by yourself.

Be aware, this valley has special healing capacities and can transform you or have quite some impact energetically, so we recommend you to take enough quiet moments/times during the trip.
If you’ve heard the calling, to experience and discover the valley of the piramids with us?:
We welcome you!

Aafke Douma and Rob Heiligers
NATURAL Centre Consciousness & Flourish

NATURAL Bosnia journeys, june august september 2020 ‘Reclaim your purity’. 
5 days (6 hours a day), maximum 16 participants.

Costs 649,00 euro per person.
Including guidance and teachings by Aafke and Rob, all local tickets and guides support, lunch at day 1, dinner at day 4. Day 5 workshop costs are included (normally 170 euro). And Tax included.
Not included: travel, stay and transport in and to Bosnia.
After subscribing we send you more information and if you need help, let us know.
After your subscription is done, we need a first payment of 200 euro, rest payment payable before May 1st. 2020.

To be transferred to:
Maatschap NATUURLIJK via IBAN: NL79 INGB 0007 125673 with your full name and Bosnia trip 2020 plus data. BIC bank: INGBNL2A    
Subscribe at 
For those who subscribe, we have information about travel and stay and information about Bosnia and its culture.

PROGRAM 2019 was like this:

(2020 might change due to updates at the spot)
DAY 1, June 10/18, Sept 16:
Meet each other.
Experience the side of the pyramid of the SUN, group lunch, experience the top of the SUN Pyramid and Love Pyramid.
10.30 AM, get together at Restaurant Vidikovac in Visoko, this is at the bottom of the Pyramid of the SUN. You can get here by car or by foot or by public transportation. From this spot we drive to different locations. All locations are within a range of 5KM.

DAY 2, June 11/19, Sept 17:
(Bring your own lunch/snacks/drinks).
Today we experience the tunnels of Ravne, have a guided tour in the museum and stroll through Ravne Archeological Park 2.

DAY 3, June 12/20, Sept 18:
(Bring your own lunch/snacks/drinks).
Climb and experience Pyramid of the MOON.
Trip to Tumulus at Vratnica.

DAY 4, June 13/21, Sept 19:
1.00PM, Vidikovac. This afternoon we visit the Piramide of the SUN another time and possibly another location.
6-8 PM Group dinner at a restaurant.

DAY 5, June 14/22 Sept 20:
(Bring your own lunch/snacks/drinks).
Location: Franciscaner Monastery  Visoko.
Workshop ‘NATURAL’ Energy, integrate experiences of day 1-4, and learn how to work with Bosnian Pyramid Energy for yourself and the world around you.
Once again: Experiencing energies in this Valley of the Pyramids can have a quite an impact and transformation! Keep in mind to take a break, have rest and stay on your own, to be able to integrate it all.

Reactions participants (16), after Bosnia journey June 13-17 2017:

The participants  were very much impressed, we got beautiful feedback. Here some answers on ‘what did you gather?’:
Freedom, Serenity, Heartwarming interesting, Love energy, Enjoyed, Vibrant bonded group, Wonderful adventure, Heartwarming people, Will digest and transform for a while, Gratitude, Impressive
Reactions participants(18), after Bosnia journey September 25-29 2017:
How will you describe your Magical 5 day-trip in Bosnia? Full of Mysterious spots and unexpected experiences, silent meditations, Magical healings and wonderful aid Bosnian people and food.
Also the proces as a group was impressive

In one word: Deep bliss feeling, purity, with care, love, experience, Being, Magical, Eternal, gratitude, just BE, together in love, heart warming, follow your heart, bonded, twins, inner peace and coming home, love and connection, from my heart.

Reactions participants (12), after Bosnia journey October 2-6 2017:
Full of surprises again, verwondering verstilling and magical moments. We call it ‘clear seeing research’, with a light touch. Goal: experience this Mystical place, rediscover your core original purity
Words expressed by 12 participants:
Being conscious, melting in one, astonishing, miracles, being full of love, touched, light and moving, to the fullest, curious discovering, connecting energy, growing DNA, wise loving connection, intense relaxed.

In the tunnels of Ravne we made special recordings and pictures of orbs and other beings of light. And we saw much more. There is so much more between the heavens and mother earth. Magnificent beautiful Mystery. See also our Facebook site: Natuurlijk Centrum Bewustzijn en Bloei.  Scroll to september/october 2017.
Gratitude for these amazing days and big thank you to our guides Haris Delibasic, Emir Zabic and Almin Graho.

At the following websites and Facebook pages you can read more about the  Bosnian piramides:
In some dutch magazines Rob Heiligers wrote about the Bosnian pyramids and the connection to the universal change of consciousness. Literally, in the psychic sessions these piramides do help to ‘reclaim your purity’.  
Winter 2016:  article of ten pages about our trip to Bosnia, to be ordered via the site.
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Winter: 2017 a new article was published with updates about our experience of 2017.
In SPIEGELBEELD; May 2017: What do the Bosnian piramides tell us?  
Also at our site onder ‘nieuws'. More articles to come.

Information about the Bosnian Piramides in english: 
Also scientifically. 

And Dr. Sam Osmanagich, has his own site as well: