In Park Ravne 2, in de Vallei van de Piramides bij Visoko in Bosniè maakten we een bord t.b.v. onze hartmeditatie.

Werd ´officieel geopend´ door een praatje van dr. Sam en een gezamenlijke hartmeditatie met mensen uit 25 verschillende landen, mooi samenzijn...!

Doe nu ook mee met BE A TREE heartbreathing? Lees mee met de tekst hieronder.



BE A TREE, heartbreathing…

Make a loving connection from your heart with every breath you take? Relax & enjoy!

0   Take some time, don’t hurry. Feel the 8-process. One minute per number? Start with 1, then read the next number. Or somebody can read it out aloud? Take it easy.

1   Now, relax. Stand or sit comfortably. Scan your body, how does it feel now? Just observe... How are you breathing now? Just observe...

2   Now, imagine that you are a tree. Your body is the trunk. The roots are under your feet. The branches are above your head. Feel the roots going into the earth. Feel the branches reach out to the sky. Feel the whole tree. Feel the connection downward and upward. Be the tree.

3   Now, connect your breathing with the tree. Energy follows attention. Breathe in from the roots upwards to the branches. Breathe out from the branches back to the roots. Take it easy, relaxed comfortable breathing. Breathe in upwards, breathe out downwards.

4  Now, breathe in from below your feet to above your head. From the roots to the branches. Breathe out from your heart(area), from the trunk. And again and again. Every breath. Heartbreathing…

5  Now, keep on heartbreathing. Breathe out from your heart. Heart-energy follows attention. Breathe out to close around you (1 m), to farther away (1 km), to whole Bosnia, to as far as you want, to the whole world. Breathe out LOVE… Feel that while heartbreathing you are CONNECTED FROM YOUR HEART.

6  Now, do you like ‘cosmic heartbreathing’?  Imagine that your tree is standing on earth. Imagine your roots  all around the earth, your branches are including all heavens. Breathe in from the roots to the branches, breathe out from your heart into the cosmos… Breathe your LOVE into ALL & NOTHING. FEEL CONNECTED FROM YOUR HEART.

7   Now, an invitiation! Let heart-breathing be your normal breathing? Do it all day and breathe out this love-energy to everybody/everything. Let LOVE-breathing be your breath all the time.

8  Now, relax & enjoy! BE A TREE, heartbreathing. Just observe.

Aafke Douma and Rob Heiligers work in their NATURAL Centre Consciousness & Flourish near Groningen / Holland. With their clairvoyant gifts they can find ‘causes behind cases’, and treat that effectively with NATURAL energetic clearing/healing methods. Everything is possible! You are already whole… Also they teach workshops, give lectures and organize travels to Bosnia and other places. To read about what they found out with ‘clairvoyant research’ about the origins of the Valley of the Pyramids? see articles under ‘nieuws’